What is the difference between a connector and an influencer?

Often, connectors are influencers. It’s not so much being willing to open up there address book. It’s knowing the right person to help, and being able to make a connection in a way that another person is willing to be receptive to. I mean, I have a lot of sway with what you would traditionally call an influencer. I see a lot more and so when I tell someone they should check something out for their community, there is usually no questions.

An influencer can basically help you get awareness and traction. A connector can help you fight the right kind of people that you need for a certain biz purpose. 😛 As a connector, I’d normally be offended at just getting referred to knowing people and opening up my contacts. There is a lot more work to it then that.

It requires maintaining those contacts and offering to help people out, for no return. It means you have to identify the rising stars so you can support them more. It means monitoring trends so you know the best way to help people. I’d say that connectors are just one type of influencer.

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