Setting Up Your Website

WordPress hosting:

WP Engine

I’ve been creating blogs for the past 8 years. In that time, I’ve used four hosts. With the first three, I was always having technical problems. The first two (cheaper) hosts were always having security problems so I moved to a mid-tier host. They changed their pricing structure so I was paying more for less support and still having lots of problems.

I’ve now using WP Engine and am so happy with the decision. Yes, it is pricey, but it is so easy to use. The support is brilliant and their migration plugin makes was useful when migrating 8 sites over.

WordPress Themes:

These are my default choice for all of my other sites. They are affordable
I’m particularly fond of the Smart Passive Income Pro Theme and Magazine Pro theme.


I’m in love with Bluchic – their themes are so feminine. They are also incredibly easy to use! I use their Victoria Theme on this website and am very impressed.



Mailchimp is one of the best mail providers for those just starting out. They have a free plan for up to 2000 subscribers. I use this on my other sites.


I personally don’t use ConvertKit but it is becoming the leading email marketing provider amongst many of the peers. Many of the typical email list products are flawed and are buggy. This service has proven to be very responsive to feedback and is providing the exact features us bloggers/internet marketers need. W


Recommended books

I read – a lot! I’ve created a special page to curate my recommended business books.



One of the best ways to stand out on Pinterest is to spread out your pins. This makes sure that followers don’t get bombarded at once and that you can target people in multiple timezones. I highly recommend TailWind, I used it with clients a lot in the past.



Trello is a collaborative tool that allows people to visually organize information using boards, lists, and cards. I use it to flesh out ideas for blog posts.


Zapier is a tool that allows you to connect apps you use every day to automate tasks and save time. I’m not in a position to use Zapier yet but it is something that is generating a lot of buzz in my community.