Fashion Brands using Instagram

Warby Parker

Warby Parker are one of the classic case studies for brands using instagram. Their instagram account highlights their company culture, with the occasional image of their glasses. They also do what they to encourage conversation. Examples:

They are most popular for their photowalks.

jt-warby-parkerThe concept for the Warby Parker Instagram Photo Walk is such: sign up on Eventbrite, meet up and meander through the neighborhoods of New York, snapping pictures all the while. Throw a branded hashtag on the package and you’ve got a serious noisemaker.

Many of the photos incorporated Warby Parker glasses, while some just captured shots of the city. But thanks to a branded hashtag, the event fused participants’ love for a product, city and photo-based application together in an attention-grabbing ball of digital marketing success.

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The end-game? Create “really great relationships” with the people who show up, she explained. “Not only do they become customers if they’re not already, but they become really big advocates.”

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Ashley Norris described Burberry as being one of the biggest brands on instagram.

The British fashion powerhouse was an early adopter and is doing a fantastic job and as a result has over 86,000 followers to date. The photos the brand shares are a mix of professionally campaign shots, snaps of London scenery, and behind-the-scenes pictures from the world of Burberry.

Econsultancy expanded on the strategy

Burberry uses Instagram to showcase some of its products, but recently a vast majority of its post have been photos taken around central London. This helps to develop its image as a cosmopolitan, British brand.

A few months ago Burberry also used Instagram to give its followers a look behind the scenes at the launch of its new range, teasing the campaign with an image of an invitation addressed to its Instagram followers

Specific campaigns:

@Burberry has done a good job to migrate its “Art Of The Trench” campaign to Instagram. In fact, most pictures under #artofthetrench were not uploaded by the brand but other users.

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Instagram was made for Tiffany’s. The company doesn’t even need to use filters on their flawless photos! The key to this strategy is amazing photography and around three posts a week.

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While it might be hard for fans to take their eyes off of all things shiny, Tiffany’s Instagram platform offers an in-depth look behind-the-scenes, including all the tools, techniques, and people involved in making its jewelry.

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Tiffany & Co. have joined forces with fashion blogger couple Scott Schuman ( The Sartorialist) & Garance Doré to create a new campaign / Instagram gallery documenting real couples in love in Paris and New York.

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Lipscombe suggested that Tiffany could have posted an image of a question relating to what loves means on the @tiffanyandco Instagram profile, and started to engage with people that way, using other owned channels to make it very clear that you could additionally submit a photo vin that way.

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Tiffany & Co. chose to put aggregate Instagram photos on a website. Since Tiffany is, above all else, about love (packaged in a really, really expensive blue box), they asked their followers to post a picture about love, calling the campaign “True Love in Pictures.”

Followers used the hashtag #TrueLovePictures and took photos inspired by the phrase, “It was true love when _________.”

The resulting pictures on the micro site are outstanding and they do a great job associating Tiffany with love—a nice and simple (but powerful) branding play.

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The company hired popular fashion blogging couple Scott Schuman (the Sartorialist) and Garance Dore to document love stories in New York and Paris on their Instagram account. The also allowed couples to submit their own #truelovepictures, displaying the best pictures on their website.

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In July, 2012, Kendra Bissonnette questioned whether their instagram efforts had led to an increase of traffic and sales

Kate Spade

 Kate Spade adds the hashtag #popofcolor everytime there’s a shot of red in one of their shots. Decide what kind of images or theme you’d like and stick with it.

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Rebecca Minkoff

One particular US fashion brand has come forward to champion the platform’s direct impact on sales. In conversation with Luxury Daily, Rebecca Minkoff founder Uri Minkoff, explained how the brand’s Instagram community now forms an integral part of both the design process and retail mix.

Rebecca Minkoff- the designer – first started using Instagram to share “shoe of the day” images that showed her outfit from her legs down (Luxury Daily). The brand has since grown its community to 70,000+ users, where the amount of “likes” and comments that the images receive can go into the thousands. The brand also used user generated Instagram photographs as advertising, in the debut issue of issue.

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Bergdof goodman:

If you want a real inside look at NYC’s chicest department store, follow Bergdorf Goodman on Instagram. You’ll find everything from fashion week shots to a close look at some amazing shoes, but the most impressive part of Bergdorf’s Instagram has nothing to do with fashion– it’s their amazing city shots that remind us why we love NYC!

Bergdorf Goodman, the Fifth-Avenue-based luxury goods department store asks customers to take photos of shoes around New York City using Instagram, with the hashtag #BGShoes. These images of shoes would then be shown on an interactive map, showing where the image was captured.

Some key features here make the #BGShoes campaign one of the most successful Instagram campaign known to date, such as Instagram, geo-location and interactive crowdsourcing. This is an inspiration that you don’t want to miss.


Precision-cut crystal marker Swarovski tapped consumers’ interest in image-sharing mobile application Instagram by hosting a contest to mark its 1 millionth Facebook fan that was a one-week sponsorship of digital image competition platform InstaDerby.

Swarovski encouraged its social media followers to participate in the contest that required them to use Instagram to take an image that captured “numbers,” which is the InstaDerby theme of the week. InstaDerby is a platform on which Instagram users can compete amongst themselves each week to find out who took the best image that falls under a theme.

Swarovski uses Instagram quite often to engage with mobile savvy consumers.

For example, the brand pushed its holiday collections through a contest that asked users on its “Multiface(t)s: Style Yourself with Jewelry” mobile app to enter to win prizes by uploading their augmented reality images to Instagram (see story).

In addition, the brand tapped consumers’ competitive spirit in its Fashion’s Night Out campaign by hosting a street-style contest via Instagram to be judged the night of the event.

The brand chose mobile to host the “The Style Elite of FNO” national campaign that centered on a user-made look book created via an exclusive partnership with 52Grams, a mobile platform where brands can curate shoppable look books from Instagram images (see story).


One of the first big fashion brands using Instagram, the Gucci team update with a range of photos from catwalk shows to behind-the-scenes snaps of celebrities, photo shoots and an insight into how the products and clothes are made.


In February, 2013, singer Fergie guest-edited the Armani instagram account at the Emporio Armani fashion show

Frames of your holiday:

Italian lifestyle brand Giorgio Armani is bolstering its social media presence through an Instagram effort in which consumers can upload images of them wearing their favorite sunglasses for the brand’s “Frames of Your Holiday” campaign.

Frames of Your Holiday is part of Armani’s Frames of Life effort, which revolves around the products and lifestyle of the fashion label’s eyewear collection.

The Frames of Life campaign originally launched in 2010, but the Instagram project Frames of Your Holiday is only a few days old.

The point of the Frames of Life campaign is that life has images that can be “framed” by the right pair of eyewear.

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They keep content coming with regular features such as #ThrowbackThursdays, featuring images of 90s fashion icons like Phoebe from Friends and the cast of Saved By The Bell

Be creative with your product images – ASOS often feature their clothing and accessories in #ootd shots, on off-duty models, or in specially-edited pictures.

Another key source of their content is generated by their customers. Tag your Instagram photo with #ASOSloves and you could find it edited and re-used in their feed. This is a great way of finding regular content and showing how products are styled in real life. ASOS launch Instagram via a fully integrated Facebook tab


 The team at Converse Accessories assembled a team of 23 creative individuals who boast impressive Instagram accounts. From stylists to bloggers, radio presenters and singers, the team each took their Converse Caynon Duffel Bag with them everywhere they went, creatively capturing cool snaps, crafting their own collage of images under the hashtag #mycanvasjourney. From the 15th to 17th March, the Hoxton Gallery was open freely to the public for an exhibition of all the images captured across the four-week journey which was kicked off by a party at which all the Instagrammers were in attendance to represent for their canvas.

Marc Jacobs

Designer fashion house Marc Jacobs made consumers feel like part of the brand with its MarcFam campaign. Launched over the holiday season, the social media project asked fans to share festive photos or photos related to Marc Jacobs by using the hashtag #MarcFam on Twitter, Instagram or Foursquare. The photos were then uploaded to an online photo album on the brand’s website. Visitors were able to vote for their favorite images and users with the most popular photos were able to win Marc Jacobs merchandise.

The project had over 1,500 uploads and the site constantly attracted a flow of visitors that explored and voted for their favorite photos. The success of the campaign has led Marc Jacobs to continue the project in 2012 and allow fans and consumers to share their photos.

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Another component of the campaign is video, which comprises 70 Marc Jacobs employees exchanging, unwrapping and opening gifts while singing, dancing and laughing. These videos are available on the branded YouTube channel.

Furthermore, each product used in the video is labeled with its price and name.

Each of these videos has been released in email blasts along with additional still images of the video and the product featured.

via Luxury Daily

 Nine West

Last but not least, in celebration of the new Vintage America Collection store, Nine West has launched a vintage photo contest with Instagram.  Snap your favorite fashion moments on the night of FNO and share them on Instagram with the #nwvintage for the chance to win some amazing prizes.  Good luck and hope to see you guys live from FNO!

via Saucy Glossie. Combining with an event

Nine West is getting into Twitter hashtagging: the four spring 2012 trends it proposes for its advertising campaign come with suggested hashtags to complement the imagery.    It has tried to get some hashtagging going with the new campaign.

As part of a Tag Your Trend competition, Instagram users will be asked to send interpretations of the four hashtags, with the bloggers helping to select the best one, and putting it to Nine West Facebook fans to pick a winner.

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Urban Outfitters

Kid Gets 19K Followers with Urban Outfitters Instagram Scam in Online Fame Bid

In a bid for social media fame a teenager from Sunderland has scammed thousands of people around the country today, after he set up a fake Instagram account claiming to be popular clothing brand Urban Outfitters.

The boy, who uses the name ReiceO across various popular social media platforms, set up the fake Urban Outfitters account and announced a special offer of a £30 gift card which would be rewarded to those who helped the company reach 20,000 followers.

“Instagram for us is huge — the enCustomers are encouraged to take a photo of themselves trying on their Urban Outfitters clothing and then upload the picture to Instagram, tagging the retailer using their @ tag @UOEurope.gagement on Instagram is through the roof,” said Steve Hartman, managing director of direct and marketing at Urban Outfitters, Philadelphia.

“Just looking earlier today, we posted a picture of shoes in the office, and it got 40,000 likes on Instagram immediately,” he said. “So that one is really about us inspiring the customer and also showing that it goes back to the personality of the brand.”

For example, the brand runs in-store photo contests to interact with shoppers.

Urban Outfitters also has a program called #UOonyou, where consumers post pictures either on Instagram or Twitter with the campaign’s hashtag. All of the photos are then integrated into the retailer’s Web site, which helps to marry the in-store and digital experiences and lets consumers play an active role in the brand, per Mr. Hartman.

Customers are encouraged to take a photo of themselves trying on their Urban Outfitters clothing and then upload the picture to Instagram, tagging the retailer using their @ tag @UOEurope.


Free People

the clothing brand Free People has come up with a way to integrate customers’ Instagram shots on the retailer’s product pages.Free People, owned by Urban Outfitters, has begun attaching individualized hashtag information cards to specific jeans. Customers are then encouraged to take pictures of themselves in the pants, tagging them #myfpdenim or more specific tags for different jeans (like #fpanklecrop for the 5 Pocket Ankle Crop or #fpsorbettiedye for Sorbet Tie Dye Jeans).

These photos don’t only appear on Instagram, they also integrate into the specific denim’s product page on the Free People’s actual website (as long as they’re approved by the moderators, of course). This way, consumers become models, and potential buyers can see how a pair of jeans looks in real life. A full stream can be seen on a separate site as well.

via Business Insider

To remind customers to upload photos of themselves, Free People will ship cards with the hashtag information attached to qualifying products.

The experience is powered by Olapic

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Visitors to the brand’s website are encouraged to ‘share your style’ and can browse the images submitted by others in a real-time feed. They can be shared on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest – making this a very social campiagn indeed. This is very clever way to incorporate social for a suitable brand, the problem with purchasing clothing online is, we don’t all look like models, and we can sometimes be wary of what the product may actually look like on the average woman. This not only allows customers to view the pair of jeans they like on other women, but it also creates a ‘community’ for Free People’s customers

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Although their shoes would be out of the price range of a majority of people, Instagram users certainly want to look at them. With user engagement through text cards and photos, Louboutin have created a strong fanbase on the network and upped it’s brand awareness in the process.

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Michael Kors

U.S. label Michael Kors is hosting a mobile contest on the Instagram application during which users can flaunt their favorite brand watch for the chance to win a limited-edition timepiece.

Instagram users can upload an image with hashtag #MKTimeless for the chance to win one of three numbered New York Limited Edition Runway Watch timepieces. Michael Kors could potentially get a lot of mobile traction in this effort, but should monitor submissions and highlight those that match the existing brand image.

“Our approach to the campaign is holistic, the goal being to construct a digital ecosystem that is always at work,”

The brand is said to have enjoyed 50% growth in activity on Instagram in the past two weeks, while its post on Facebook relating to the competition has won more than 17,500 ‘likes’.

The winning images will be posted on Destination Kors website at the end of the contest, Micheal Kors will share contest images on the Destination Kors site, the special digital media site for the brand that appears much like Tumblr blog.

Promoting the contest across other social media platforms, the brand posted the contest rules on Facebook, which has generated over 19,000 “Likes” on the post and encouraged entrants to share their photos on Twitter with the #MKTimeless hashtag.

Apparently the campaign was considered successful: Michael Kors launched another giveaway in September (this time for a Paris limited edition watch), asking users to post photos of their watch style – again using #MKTimeless – to Instagram or Twitter.

Michael Kors ignites St. Valentine’s Day conversation through digital campaign

Lifestyle brand Michael Kors is using the mobile applications Twitter and Instagram as integral vehicles in its latest St. Valentine’s Day campaign that spans mobile, ecommerce, digital and social media.

The brand is attempting to spark a dialogue with consumers about what they are falling in love with this Valentine’s Day – whether it is with people, places or apparel – on its social media networks and through email and mobile marketing. Michael Kors’ #FallingInLoveWith hashtag effort taps into passion and emotive marketing while simultaneously advertising products.

(Well worth reading the full article!

Good – Michael Kors knows the score.
The guy is cool, he smiles – he genuinely smiles – goes to gigs, enjoys food, does some djing, travels, meets cool people; add beautiful pictures of items, creations, events, a hint of vintage, a drop of “celebs wearing ______” and a healthy, overall feeling of playfulness and joie de vivre, et voila, you managed to tell a beautiful story. Or maybe just a story similar to many others, just told in a different way, with the right rhythm, a nice light and the right balance between serious stuff and laid-back attitude.

Victorias secret

The brand itself keeps it classy so why shouldn’t Victoria Secret’s (@victoriassecret) Instagram do the same? On a regular basis, the line features model shoots, new designs and a scenic view of their day-to-day operations.

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Had a competition via instagram using the #OwnIt hashtag.

Ralph Lauren:


The designer will be debuting his entire 2013 spring accessory collection on the site.

Typically fashion editors, buyers, stylists get first dibs to view a designer’s collection. And while most insiders were probably expecting to see the collection during the designer’s runway show this week, Lauren will be skipping protocol. Instead, the designer is embracing the digital world and giving fans a preview of his 2013 accessory line through the photo pinning site.

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Fashion brand Levi Strauss has launched a global casting effort for their upcoming print and broadcast production for the 2012 Brand Campaign and they are opening up the casting to everyone around the world via Instagram. They are asking people to upload their images on the photo sharing service with a special tag #iamlevis with the hope that they’ll be able to crowdsource the next talent to appear in their advertising.

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This isn’t Levi’s first venture with Instagram. Last February, Levi’s Brazil opened its regional profile, and used it to post photos of the company’s new collection.

Only 127 people participated and followed at the time (the company’s global profile only has 645 followers), but as we all know, this represents the tech-savvy fans most likely to foster conversation about the brand online.

via Econsultancy

Viral blog. This post references the brazil case study in reference to the stages of the Tipping Point. It is possible that brands could launch regional accounts to test the waters before other launching their main presence.

Nice Kicks. Reference to a cuffs and kicks contest. Couldn’t find further information

Club monaco

  • The idea is to repurpose content to fit each social venue. For example, Club Monaco posts behind-the-scenes photos from Instagram on Facebook every Friday
  • the social team tries to include a call to action in each post.
  • Club Monaco has defined a different set of metrics for each platform.

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If you want to encourage your social media followers to engage and create content for your brand, the secret sauce is quite simple: flattery. Earlier this month, for example, Nike celebrated accumulating its one millionth Instagram follower by featuring a series of ten pics chosen from we don’t even know how many.

via Media Bistro

At the end of the 24 hours, Nike’s last photo included a shout out and original photo from the very first fan who tagged #Nike on Instagram. In total, the campaign was incredibly successful, securing more than 600,000 “hearts” and more than 4,900 comments.

“Milestone’s aren’t about you – they’re about your community.”

via Convince and Convert

He was also invited to be part of a promotional event for Nike in which about a dozen Instagramers helped to launch the @nikerunning Instagram account. Nike organized a run for the participants that included a helicopter ride over and under the Golden Gate Bridge. Landis and other Instagramers shared their experience via the hashtag #projectflysf.

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Instagram integration as part of the #makeitcount campaign

With the help of superstar athletes like Cristiano Ronadlo, Dirk Nowitzki, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant, Nike is asking everyone to join them and pledge to how they will make 2012 count.

These Nike’s Athletes have already announced their resolutions for the year on Nike’s Twitter account and they’ve also posted some inspirational shots to help get you moving on Nike’s Instagram page. Additionally from 12/30/2011-1/3/2012, 13thWitness will be shooting photos, inspired by inspirational tweets that contain the #makeitcount hashtag; all of these photos will be published on the @Nike Instagram and Twitter accounts. Once you’ve decided what challenge you want to take on this year, use #makeitcount to let the world know and then get out there and make it happen.’

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The First Ever Instagram Street Banner by Aldo. What we did was simple. We placed a sign, with a bell in the middle of busy street. The sign instructed people to take a pic of their shoes, upload it to Instagram, hashtag #ALDO and add their shoe size. A huge mobile Aldo shoe box then appeared, and inside a pair of Aldo shoes just for them.

vis Ads of The World

After ringing the bell, a huge mobile shoe box appeared with a free pair of ALDO shoes inside just for them. The bell rang 457 times and over 500 pictures were uploaded to Instagram during the ‘Ring My Bell’ stunt.

via PSFK

Many people who partook in the promotion didn’t take followup photos of the new shoes or provide an explanation with why the photos were taken.

Usually when a brand launches an Instagram campaign, the point is to showcase beautiful images of its product to the world at large. This campaign showcased other brands’ shoes, and to an outside they are confusingly labelled as Aldo.

Aldo did contact BI to note, however, that some Instagrammers did provide follow-up photos of their new shoes, although the pictures sent over were on on the company’s Facebook rather than on Instagram:

via Business Insider

In early December, ALDO launched their digital marketing campaign through a  microsite called AisforALDO. The main feature of the new website was  an interactive quiz that offered users the chance to find their “perfect” nail  polish based on their personality.

Enter Instagram, a photo sharing application that allows users to take photos and  share it on the service or other social networking websites. When users started  the quiz on AisforALDO, they were  asked to choose eight Instagram photos that they liked. Then, ALDO revealed  what those photos said about that user’s personality, as well as which nail  polish the company recommended based on those results.

From there, users could share their quiz results, along with the Instagram  images, in a cool-looking “mood board” tailored to look impressive on Facebook  Timeline.

via Reach Smarter

In addition to stunning images, this campaign successfully leverages principles of gamification to keep users engaged. The Moodboard functions as a personality test of sorts–it asks users to pick nine photos that represent them, and then picks the correct fragrance for their personalities.

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