Anxiety Disorder Giftedness

How My Brain Works: Mindmap 1

Yesterday, I accidentally discovered executive dysfunction. I had words to describe what was happening mentally. I’ll be exploring that in a later post.

Last night I was in bed trying to get to sleep when I mentally started plotting out this mindmap. I could finally see the connections between various parts of my illness(es?). I was starting to find the patterns. Finally, I was developing some kind of framework to go on.

This is my first attempt at representing that. It is incredibly messy. I’m not sure I liked the app I used to develop it, but it suffices for now. I’m very, very keen to expand on it once I learn the words to describe what I’m going through.

I’m posting it because I think this has the potential to be really useful – and blogging about things is the best process, for me, to develop ideas.