Jade’s Jetlagged Recap of Blogworld

Back. In Australia. I swear – I’m NEVER going overseas again without stocking up on Australian food beforehand.

I’ve been home for 24 hours and my mind is full of blogworld awesomeness. This post is going to be less of a ‘lessons learned’ and more of a ‘stuff I did’ post. This is for those who, like my parents and best friend, heard about the funny and interesting parts but didn’t get the full story of what I was up to. Let the tales of insanity begin…

Jetlag makes my anxiety worse.

Seriously. Who needs to drink alcohol when you can make a total arse of yourself just with sleep deprivation. I was fine the first night. I’d spent 35+ or so hours travelling and was able to catch up with blogging friend on the first night at New York, New York. I was knackered but it was so worth it – I learned that I had no reason to be scared of bloggers who have considerably more authority then me.

On the Wednesday night, I left a party crying because I was so overwhelmed. I called Bill and cried, saying I just wanted to go home. On the Thursday I ended up vomiting meters away from the room the Problogger party was being held in. This was humiliating but also very humbling. I learned that my anxiety disorder is multifaceted. I can be fine emotionally but if I ignore the warnings my body will let me know. It works the other way. I can feel exhausted emotionally and if I ignore the warnings, my body will play up. This may lead me to walk down the Vegas strip publicly crying.

I was fine on most of the other days. I learned to listen to what I was feeling, physically and mentally, and retreat to my hotel room when I needed a break. I learned not to feel guilty for being unable to spend every waking moment with friends or learning about blogging.

It’s stupid to try and pretend I’m superwoman. I’m not. I worked so hard in the months leading up to blogworld and surprisingly, the event was the trigger I needed to take a step back and just care for me.

I didn’t think it was possible to be so happy when surrounded by people.

I hung with the same crowd most of the time and I loved it. I felt so safe and loved, and I felt so peaceful being able to see how my work helps people. I figured out that I was more of a matchmaker then a connector and that the compulsion to connect is even stronger in real life.

I realized the main thing that inspires me to connect is how much goodness I can see in that person. I’m always talking about certain bloggers. I did that because I could see a goodness in them and wanted to help the world see their talents. I’m kinda blessed in having a dodgy brain. My anxiety means that I can see considerably more steps ahead then most people are capable of. This allows me to see the impact certain actions of mine will have.

Something a lot of people asked me was to list who I was keeping my eye on. I was too jetlagged to think of suitable names at the time, so I’m going to kill two birds with one stone and write about those I met and the logic, or lack thereof, behind the friendship.


I was meaning to contact Traci about paid work (she offered to hire me) but failed to do to way too many work commitments. I promised myself that I would make it back to her when at Blogworld. I certainly did.

I connected her with Dave. He was really impressed with the fact that she implemented the recommendations he had given. She showed him a copy of her free book on her ipad and he was incredibly impressed. She also had a print copy of that book that she showed us. I helped her find some inspirational people for an interview project for her site. She’s going to be interviewed for Blogcast FM. She also happened to call the moment I gave the phone back to Dave, so she had Naomi Dunford answer the phone.

She has some awesome stuff coming up. If I hadn’t talked to her before hand, she’d totally be in the new discoveries section.

Clay Collins

Dave had told me about how awesome Clay was but all I saw was the aura of super-geniousness that surrounded his work. I was too intimidated to talk to him.

Then we hung out over the Wednesday and I learned just how cool the guy was 🙂 I don’t remember why – I just remember feeling like this guy is someone who will be accomplishing so much during 2011. And, I felt like I had to tell you that.

Sid Savara

Sid. I was hesitant about meeting him. I learned you shouldn’t base your opinions of people on how long and confusing the tagline for their blog is.

Sid is hilarious. Again, I can’t remember why I like him due to jetlag however I will always remember the banana I stole from him. Seriously, Vegas fails at fresh fruit.

Srinivas Rao

I rave about Srini online a lot. I’ve also heard about who he wants to connect with and what he wants to accomplish. Therefore – I had a challenge.

I connected him with some pretty kick arse people. I also learned just how much faith he places in my recommendations. He is also so fun to hang around. I always knew that he was awesome but I had never experienced it up close. He is totally the type of person I want as part of my inner circle – the people I trust and respect and want to keep in touch with because they make me feel happy.

There will be some fabulous interviewees appearing on BlogcastFM in the coming months. There will be awesome stuff coming from Srini. He is one smart guy and works hard.

Thursday Bram

Thursday seems so formal and serious online. She told me that her mum follows her twitter so I understood. I’m different in real life too because I’m on ‘mum manners’ online.

But seriously – she is so freakin’ awesome.Words can not explain it. She is smart and has a wicked sense of humour. Her hair is purple and her husband likes taking apart napkins. She is someone I think I’ll become really good friends with.

Andy Hayes

Andy is even more nice in person – we totally went on an ice cream date. The fact that it was actually frozen yoghurt is a tiny detail. Andy has been a huge part of keeping me on track this year and I felt so happy to be able to tell him that.

I did meet many others. I just didn’t want this post to turn into a name dropping one. The people I met were awesome. I’ll be writing about their projects and sharing their stories in the coming months.

New discoveries

As soon as I learned that I wouldn’t be helping out Dave, my brain switched gears. I decided that I wanted to take advantage of the situation and learn as much about the awesome stuff as possible. I succeeded in my challenge.

However these will have to wait until a future post. This draft has sat in front of my computer for three days, untouched. I had such a blast at Blogworld and wanted to let people know that, but I’m currently unable to write about it as thoroughly as I’d like. Know that I’ll be talking about many of the people and information featured – and include pictures and links – in future posts.