Product Launch Fatigue? Or Networking Fatigue?

Dave recently wrote an awesome post about his recent launch and provided commentary about his launch fatigue experience. Now, as his OMG, I got a behind the scenes view of this launch. Many people come to me when they want to make purchasing decisions. I’m in a unique position where I get to see things from all sides.

It’s not launch fatigue. It’s networking fatigue.

Most of the people that are commenting about launch fatigue are in the Ittybiz crowd. It may take a while for the industry to accept it but she creates careers. She created Johnny and she created Dave. Most of commentary on this has come from people within this crowd.

There are many smaller groups that are part of thisgroup. The new leaders, like Johnny and Dave, have been teaching many of us how to achieve similar success. This isn’t necessarily through paid products – many of us learn just from watching.

Whenever someone releases a product or wants to advance their career, they tap the same blogs to guest post on. When they include interviews in an audio product, they ask the same people.

I’m a member of More Buyers Every Month. Most of us spent a couple of months building up our blog and are now in the process of launching stuff.

It’s not the make money online niche that’s saturated – it’s the particular crowd we are in. We are all trying to sell to each other and it’s just not working.

How do you change this?

Encourage your tribe to do the networking for you.

Yeah, I recently read Seth Godin. One of the things that he spoke about was to encourage your fans to do the networking for you.

Very few people are giving the audience the tools to do this. Free content isn’t enough for your message to spread. You need to provide your readers with a compelling story and give your audience a reason to share it.

One of my favourite methods is the badges of love concept I stole borrowed from Danielle Laporte. I accidentally encouraged this technique when I did the 30 Bloggers To Watch post. I did that to highlight awesome people. Many people were so proud of their position on the list that they created their own badges linking back to that post. They were able to provide social proof, which allowed people to trust him more, and link to a post which contained other awesome people.

That post helped those within the Problogger tribe – arguably the largest tribe in this niche – connect with each other. It was amazing to watch. Could you provide your fans/followers with the tools to connect with each other without your involvement?

Reach out to other networks.

I’m a connector/maven. I don’t limit myself to one particular crowd. I hang out with different types of web entrepreneurs and try to connect peeps from different crowds. And honestly? This has been the main reason I’m now making a decent income.

Most people don’t have the time to do this. I spend a lot of time on Twitter, Skype and in my inbox just listening to what’s going on. I’d argue this is close to 20 hours, unpaid, each week. It means though that I’m in a very unique position.

So are you. If you are reading this, you’re probably friends with me. If you want ideas on how to reach to new audiences, just email me or comment. Or, if you want any tips on how to do this, just ask.