Anxiety Disorder

Week 1: Medication Transition Update

I am OVER the transition to the new meds. I’ve been through it all before, I know it’s good in the long run blah blah blah. But man, it does a number on your body.

It has been 3 days of being officially just on these meds. Yesterday and Monday were fine, just a little bit of digestive discomfort. Sunday was horrid, although it was a Cymbalta day. I was so tired I could barely do anything all day and just napped when I got home.

Today, it’s a digestive explosion. I was watching a movie with Glenn and had to lie down for a bit to get it under control. It was as bad as its first day. I’m wondering if it impacts on how my body absorbs the medication as I feel very fuzzy today, similar to the symptoms I used to get when I didn’t take effexor on time.

I hate how I can just rattle off medication and side effects and all of that. I know my case is mild compared to others. I’m stabby today.

I know I should go easy on myself, focus on getting healthier etc etc. I’ve been getting freelance interest and had been getting the pieces in place for a complete rebrand, something that could help me avoid the work situations that could make me sicker. All I can see is me getting further and further behind.

Negativity aside –

I think there is an improvement in mood.

I find I don’t need as much sleep. My sleep feels lighter but I get up around 10:30 and don’t get that exhausted feeling for the rest of the day. I feel a bit out of it now but that is separate from the sheer and constant exhaustion I’ve previously felt.

I don’t know if this is temporary or not but hey, it’s an improvement. Haven’t felt any symptoms I’d define as psychotic or where I’m unsure of reality which is a fucking improvement. Those type are always incredibly disorientating. I think I’m feeling more joy. I was dancing while cooking dinner last night. I was singing until a┬áraised eyebrow alerted me to just how off key I am.

In conclusion –

I’m over the digestive issues. I think the worse is over for today. It feels like things are getting better though.