Online Projects

I create websites based around my core passions.

Business + Marketing


I’m trying to learn as much as I can about the ecosystems surrounding Geelong and Melbourne. I’m documenting my experience and creating resources to help other amateur naturalists.

Nature Books Australia

Reviewing books about birds, insects and ecosystems. The target readership is beginners.

My nature blog. I share my (mis) adventures as I hike, birdwatch and photograph the natural environment

Australian Bugs.

Geelong (My Home Town)

I’m proud of my city. I like to tell stories about how it is evolving.

Geelong Is Changing

I’m documenting how Geelong is changing from an industrial town into a clever and creative city. I have over 1000 blog posts focusing on events, buildings and suburbs. 

Geelong Street Art

I’m photographing the thriving street art scene in Geelong. I share photos of official murals, graffiti and permission walls. I’ve also created guides about the artists and finding the artwork.

The website is an extension of Geelong Is Changing. I’ve chosen not to monetize this site as I’m curating other peoples artwork.