Hi, I’m Jade!

I’m a multipotentialite and super connector. I create websites based around my core passions of ecology, photography and online business.

You learn more about my websites at Online projects.

Want to learn more about my work experience? Check out my resume.

My journey

2009-2010 Quick Rise to Blogging Fame

I rose quickly in the blogosphere and established myself as an expert on making connections with other bloggers. I created information products, a digital magazine and a popular list post.


In 2011, my main client was caught up in an online scandal. This occurred around the same time that my anxiety medication stopped working AND I developed a migraine condition. My career exploded – in public.

Mental Health Essays

I’m been suffering from generalized anxiety disorder for my whole adult life, since the age of 14. I definitely had signs of anxiety before that, but it didn’t get scary until my mid teens. I didn’t get properly diagnosed and medicated until I was 20.

These essays give an unfiltered view into the thought processes of someone suffering from severe generalized anxiety disorder. Later, I would be diagnosed with chronic migraine. Both had a profound impact on my professional life