I’ve worked with a wide variety of clients, assisting both bloggers and digital marketing agencies. My work has included:

  • Creating visual content for social media
  • Liasing with blogging influencers for product promotion
  • Live tweeting conferences
  • Writing viral blog posts (in the social media/blogging niche)

My Work

Viral List Posts

I used to write list posts highlighting bloggers that were doing interesting things. These posts would generate a lot of conversation.

I wrote a column highlighting awesome bloggers to watch for Problogger for 4 years.

I also wrote a post for the now defunct Netsetter blog. The post is no longer live, but it generated a lot of conversation.

fine example of this strategy being put to use recently can be seen on Jade Craven’s post at, 50 Netsetters You Should Know About.

Take notice of how many comments were made, as well as how many of those comments were actually from people featured in that article. Also, although it doesn’t say on the blog itself, tells me that this post has been retweeted 458 times (as of about 24 hours after it’s post). That’s a lot of reach, and I guarantee you that many of those retweets came from people featured in that post as well. Just imagine how many followers total those 50 people have on Twitter alone.

via Smart Passive Income

When the Netsetter blog (part of the Envato) network decided to relaunch, they were smart to ask Jade Craven to write a post for the relaunch week. Jade created a round-up post called 50 Netsetters You Should Know About that was a huge success.

via Extraordinary Blog Post Types that Will Grow Your Audience Faster


I managed the Pinerest strategy for Digital Photography School, one of the leading photography blogs, for 3 years. I grew the account to over 70’000 followers.

Additionally, I was one of the early experts on Pinterest.

My post  The 3 step Guide to Creating Pinterest-friendly Graphics for Your Blog was one of the top 20 posts on Problogger in 2012. Darren said:

There’s a lot of heat and light around Pinterest right now, but few know how to harness the platform as well as Jade Craven, who’s helped me develop a strong audience there for dPS.

This post exposes her top advice for creating the types of graphics people love to pin on Pinterest. If you didn’t realise that was part of the battle of getting Pinterest traction, this article is definitely for you!




Disclaimer: these testimonials were provided for my work in 2010 and should not be considered a current endorsement. They are provided to give context to my marketing essays.

Glen Allsopp

37 of My Favourite Blogs, Books and Products

I wish Jade would post more often, but when she does, there’s usually some excellent content on offer. In fact, Jade has just started one of the first ever blogging magazines, with hers focusing on marketing. Definitely one to watch.

Darren Rowse


Darren said some really nice comments at a local social media event – you can hear them about 40 seconds in. It was completely unexpected


There’s a lot of heat and light around Pinterest right now, but few know how to harness the platform as well as Jade Craven, who’s helped me develop a strong audience there for dPS.

The ProBlogger Top 20 of 2012

Jonathan Fields

“Three words. Authentic, helpful and seriously-connected. Actually, I’m pretty sure the first two led to the second, because Jade has that ability to build relationships that are genuine and service minded. She’s not just in it for her, she’s in it for you. And that’s one powerful place to be operating from. I’m always watching and learning from her.”

Alexis Grant

Jade Craven is by far my favorite resource for product launches. She has ideas coming out of her ears — both for promotional strategies that work, and for who you should get to know online to create buzz about your product. Her head is like a Rolodex of movers and shakers in the digital world.

Ali Luke

I’ve always been extremely impressed by her attention to detail and her diligence and conscientious attitude — particularly in the blogosphere, where she really shines as a rare gem! Jade has the knack of connecting easily with people on every level; she’s generous, thoughtful, and manages to combine sincere friendship with true professionalism.