Recommended Resources


Rewardful is an affiliate software that allows you to set up affiliate and referral programs with Stripe. It’s targeted as SaaS businesses and is very affordable.

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ConvertKit becoming the leading email marketing provider amongst many of my peers. This service has proven to be very responsive to feedback and is providing the exact features most bloggers/internet hackers need.

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Substack has become a popular service in the paid newsletter space. Publishing is free but they charge 10% once you start adding paid subscriptions.

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Social Proof


Testimonial is a tool that allows you to collect video testimonials from your clients and supporters. The service hosts the videos and allows you create a ‘Wall Of Love’ to display on your website. It also allows for reviews via certain third party services.

It makes it so much easier, both for creators and customers.

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Shoutout also allows users to create a wall of love, however it focuses on Twitter. The pricing is also more affordable than Testimonial if you will primarily be seeking social proof from Twitter.

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