Caz And Craig Makepeace

Caz and Craig Makepeace are the bloggers behind the popular blog, y Travel Blog.

At y Travel Blog our goal is to help YOU travel more, and to travel more often.

Our motto is: Travel More. Create better memories. We believe in accumulating memories, not just possessions. We believe that life is about making it a story to tell, and we do that through travel.

The had originally wanted to by, but that domain was priced at $30,000. Instead, they just added ‘blog’ at the end for just $12.

It is very easy to get jealous of them. I’ve met Caz and Craig twice and think that they deserve all they have achieved. They work incredibly hard and don’t take advantage of people. I recommend you read I want to know your Secret. It’s a compelling account of all they have gone through to get to where they are.

Who Can This Site Help?

Anyone who is passionate about travel and creating life long memories, but feels that they don’t have the money, time or resources.

Whether it be a weekend getaway, a two week vacation, a year long adventure around the world, or living overseas as an expat, we can help. They’ve experienced all that and more.

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Pinterest has become a HUGE part of our business. Alone it brings in over 120,000 unique visitors per month to our blog. We also get many emails from people who say they discovered us on Pinterest so it’s been a great way to build our audience and bring new eyeballs to our site. And with new features coming out on Pinterest, the future is exciting and we’re just getting started.

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Caz and Craig are doing a brilliant job at Pinterest. They currently have over 4 million followers on that platform, the majority of them on their bucketlist board. I highly recommend you read that interview at on the official Pinterst blog as they share a lot of insights.

They also shared their knowledge at the Digital Parents Collective. You can read more at Pinterest Tips and Tricks

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We spend a large majority of our time on our Fanpage community. Facebook is one of the most important parts to our blogging business. This is where we can build our community, interact with others and share useful information. We share our posts through our fan page but we make sure that we share others just as much.

Interview with the Location Independent Makepeace Family of yTravelBlog

Useful Articles

My favourite quotes

Building relationships take time

When you are networking with people or company representatives they need time to get to know you and understand what it is you do and how you can best help them. Be patient and enjoy the process.

You can’t meet someone once, or have a couple of twitter conversations with them and be asking them to hand over contacts to help you. I get these requests all the time. I will only ever hand my contacts over if I really know who you are and what you offer. It takes time to build this trust.


The fortune is in the follow up.

Allocate time in your busy schedule to follow up with those you have recently met and would like to build a relationship with. Send them a quick email, facebook status update or even a tweet.

Always be sure to pass on your gratitude and appreciation for anything that people have taken the time to help you with. I know it is easy to forget sometimes, but you must make this a habit. I have had people contact me via email for help before, and I have taken time out of my busy schedule to help them out. Sometimes I never hear from these people again, not even a one sentence thank you. It always amazes me as that is a prime opportunity for relationship building lost. I’m less likely to help that person in the future.

Start connecting with your new friends online. Join their social communities, comment on their work and share it. This all helps to cement a deeper relationship with these people.

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Do what you want to do with your blog and let others do what they want to do.

If you are doing what you want then that is all that matters and no one else’s actions can change the blogging world for you. You create your own blogging world based upon your purpose and goals.

The tendency to compare ourselves to others is a dangerous human trait. It is dangerous because it usually leads to either feelings of insecurity or envy. And neither of these are empowering.

It is far better for you to compare yourself to yourself.