Gavin Aung Than


Gavin Aung Than is a cartoonist based in Melbourne, Australia. After working in the corporate graphic design industry for 8 years he quit his unfulfilling job at the end of 2011 to focus on his true passion, drawing cartoons. Gavin launched Zen Pencils at the start of 2012, a cartoon blog which adapts inspirational quotes into comic stories, and hasn’t looked back since.


“The subject matter is dictated by the quote most of the time,” Than says in an e-mail. “Sometimes however, the comic is driven by an image that comes to me after I read the quote over and over again. For instance, the image of two soldiers playing ping pong came to me after reading the Carl Sagan quote and I worked backwards from there.”

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I launched my site in February 2012. I had just had a quarter-life crisis, was miserable in my corporate graphic design job and wanted to pursue my passion for illustration and cartooning. So I quit my job in December 2011, sold my house and put all my eggs in one basket by starting Zen Pencils. I gave myself one year to use the blog as a launching pad for a new freelance illustration career.

However, the blog has become more popular than I could have imagined. I’ve decided to dedicate myself completely to the site and to try and turn the blog into my sole source of income.

it’s a part-time income at the moment (mainly from selling prints of my comics), but I have no doubt I can turn this into a full-time income and plan to implement ways of making money through advertising, merchandise, ebooks, and workshops.

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On your Facebook page, you allow fans to suggest quotes to you for illustration. How has that worked out? Do you find a lot of inspiration coming from your fans?

It’s worked out great. I think about 75% of the quotes I use are reader-submitted quotes, so the website has also helped me connect with people and learn new things . I am constantly amazed by my readers and the response I’ve received.

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