Jess Van Den

Who is Jess?

Jess primarily makes her living as a silversmith, selling her work online under the Epheriell label. She also teaches other creative entrepreneurs how to turn their handmade hobby into a business over at Create & Thrive.

I was blogging and running my Epheriell store as a hobby from 2008, but in late 2009 I got married, and my husband and I decided to buy a van and convert it into a camper. We were going to make a year-long trip around Australia! Alas, I started having serious dental issues in early 2010, and – long story short – we were delayed going on our trip month after month. I had quit my previous job, and so, while we were delayed, I decided to throw myself into my ‘hobby’ full-time. Fast-forward to now, and it’s all turned into a thriving full-time business.

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Current Projects

Create and Thrive

I’ve been teaching and helping people learn and work their way to success for a few years now, but I saw that there was a gap in the blogosphere – I couldn’t find a place where I could learn directly from those who actually DO this – who have a full-time craft/creative business.

A place where they would share their hard-learnt knowledge and skills with me and others. Where they would be honest and real about how much time and work is involved. Where they would give me the dirt, baby! The nitty-gritty details!

So, I decided to create that place myself – and Create & Thrive was born.

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Jewellery Range

In 2011, she wrote about  Taking my jewellery business to a new level


Past Projects

Bespoke magazine.

*bespoke* is magazine that was originally founded in 2010 by Jess Van Den Wassenberg (QLD) and has since established significant popularity amongst creatives and crafters internationally. The magazine is primarily created from submissions by the creative and handmade community, and is designed to delight and inspire the international creative community.

2013 saw the introduction of new owners, a new team and website, and a defined focus on handmade and creative business.

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I’d been blogging at Epheriell Designs for a few years, and I just suddenly got hit with this desire to create a print zine – something beautiful, tactile and inspiring! It was a huge learning curve as I have NO publishing or graphic design background, and I really had no idea about how to make a magazine, but I got there with LOTS of help from amazing people – like my graphic designer Mikaela Danvers. Honestly, there’s no such thing as a break when you publish a magazine – you’re either selling the current issue or dealing with the next one. Each issue I have to corral submissions, find advertisers, contact stockists, send out newsletters via email, work with Mikaela to put the zine together, work with the printers to get it published, hand-number each copy, deal with subscribers, post issues out… it’s never-ending, but awesome! –

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 Creating a Successful Print Magazine in a Digital Era