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Paul Jarvis shows people how to kick ass at the intersection of creativity and commerce since 1999. As a trend-buster and business strategist, Paul has collaborated with some awesome people and companies, including Danielle LaPorte and Marie Forleo, and his writing reaches over 50,000 people every month.

He’s also becoming well known for his articles and posts about creativity. His viewpoints will challenge many existing beliefs about blogging.  I have fallen in love with his work while researching this post. His philosophy very much aligns with my own and I think he brings more humanity to the blogosphere.




  • Not everything needs to be paid back in full This is one of my favourite posts on networking, ever. Jarvis talks about the sense of entitlement that comes across when some bloggers seek favours. People take networking advice to the extreme and as a result, influencers are less likely to respond.





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Company Of One

 How I got a 6-figure book deal

Everything I Know is a new book by Paul Jarvis about navigating the wicked & often scary world of working for yourself.


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Twitter Cards

Paul Jarvis was also able to use Twitter cards to create a signup form as part of a tweet. You can see the result here. He said it was easy to set up. “google twitter cards. then google mailchimp integration with twitter cards. took about 5 mins total  ”