Vanessa Rowse

Who is Vanessa?

Vanessa is a Melbourne blogger who launched a lifestyle blog, Style and Shenanigans, late in 2013. She described it as:

A blog about how to have style in and amongst the chaos and joys of family life.

My hope for this blog is that you will be able to sit down, relax and read my posts over a cup of tea and find something new and interesting that might be helpful or relevant to you.  I think we all need a little bit of style amongst the endless shenanigans!

via her about page

Rowse? Is she related to Darren Rowse?

Yes. To Quote Darren:

It’s been a fascinating process to watch her plan, launch and grow her blog.

Some might imagine that being married to ‘the ProBlogger’ means she’s constantly being told what to do and being given secret tips and advice – however I’ve been remarkably restrained in my involvement and very impressed by what she’s intuitively built already.

via What My Wife Has Taught Me About Blogging After Just 3 Months

I think that this makes for a fascinating dynamic – similar to the one I have with my partner. This means that Problogger readers can benefit from what Darren learns from Vanessas experiences.

Darren has made a number of interesting observations about her blogging style.

  • The other key thing that I think is going to work in Vanessa’s favour is that the bulk of her content on the blog is ‘helpful’ and solves problems for readers.
  • V is what Malcom Gladwell would describe a ‘Maven’. She is a gatherer of information, a watcher of trends and LOVES sharing what she finds.
  • when she’s mentioned brands or other sites in her posts she lets them know (this has already led to one brand suggesting that they might like to work with her and others linking up to her blog!)

The above observations come from What My Wife Has Taught Me About Blogging After Just 3 Months. I also recommend reading How Posting a Humble ‘Selfie’ Grew Traffic, Shares and Comments on a New Blog.

Why I think you should watch her

She is incredibly intuitive and a fast learner. I’ve watched a lot of bloggers grow over the years and I’m very impressed with how quickly Vanessa has found her voice and style.

She pays a lot of attention to detail, such as choosing ‘a typewriter font (special elite) which reflects my love for all things vintage and books.’ She is hungry to learn and isn’t motivated by popularity. She has a genuine desire to engage with and grow her community.

She’s made a lot of progress in the months she’s been blogging. Her post graphics and titles have improved a lot since she first started.


Brand Meets Blog: Vanessa from Style & Shenanigans