Welcome from Twitter

Hi! I’m Jade

I’m also a birdwatcher.

I’m a curator, side project addict and 90’s pop music enthusiast. Thank you so much for visiting from twitter.

I created this page to tell you more about who I am and what I do.

My Work History

I rose quickly in the blogosphere and established myself as an expert on making connections with other bloggers. I created information products, a digital magazine and a popular list post.

You can check out an overview of my past work here.

My career exploded just as quickly – in public. In 2011, my main client was caught up in an online scandal. Not long enough, I developed multiple chronic medical conditions.

I’ve written about these experiences on this blog. You can see the curated essays at:

About this blog

I created this blog to document my journey as I rebuild my business. My current obsession is creating websites that curate trends and resources for Indie Hackers.

Currently, they include:

I’ll be adding many more projects to this list. You can check out the journey at Twitter.

I also created a Google Sheet for those looking for press interview opportunities. It’s called Bootstrapper Press Directory. Use the coupon code ‘twitter’ to get it for $14

How I Use Twitter

Twitter is my place to hang out and meet awesome people. I’m very conversational. I love learning about entrepreneurial journeys – but I’ll often get distracted by any mentions of pets or wildlife.

I manually follow people and will make a snap judgement about whether or not you look like a person. I ignore people whose last tweet was a quote or pitch. Sometimes I miss people. If this happens to you, just send an @reply and I’ll return the follow.

I use Twitter lists to keep on top of trends for my projects. I’ll often like a tweet and then unlike it a couple of days

I’m receptive to pitches, but not on social media. If you want to get my attention or request help, I recommend you contact me via email.