JadeCraven.com: 2009-2010

How I Screwed Up My Blog in 2009.

I made so many mistakes at the start of my blogging career.

I started JadeCraven.com as my main business in 2009. At that time, I didn’t have a real business plan – despite the blog being my online real online presence! I shared some of the mistakes I made in this post.

Why Guest Posting Is Just An Illusion.

I was fortunate enough to get multiple high profile guest post opportunities despite having a low profile. I found the opportunities thanks to networking on Twitter. I realized that people had a lot of misconceptions about guest posting and shared those in this post.

3 Essential Lessons (and 3 Benefits) about Viral Blog Posts

In 2009, my first list post on Problogger went viral. It got a lot of attention in a short amount of time. I learned a lot from the experience that I was able to apply to future posts.

Lessons From The Trenches: Prelaunch Edition

In early 2010 I launched a social media consulting business with a friend.

How to Rock It At a Conference

I attended the Connect Now conference in 2010 and learned a lot about networking in person. I shared more about my experiences at From The Trenches: Connect Now Edition

Networking Secrets The A-Listers Won’t Tell You About

This post was written in April, 2010, when I was at the height of my blogging career. I detailed all the networking experiences that helped me along my journey.

Product Launch Fatigue? Or Networking Fatigue?

Multiple people in my community had been commenting on trend called product launch fatigue. In this post, I argued that we were viewed trends through a filter and that they weren’t always representative of larger marketing trends.

A Day in the Life of a Sneezer, Or, Why I spent 160 dollars thanks to a dog

How spending money on products in your niche can make you a better networker.

From the trenches: Newsletter edition

I launched my first official newsletter in June, 2010. I shared my personal experiences dealing with the challenges of email marketing.

Lessons from a failed launch

In July, 2010, I launched my first e-course about how to network online. I sold 40 copies of the e-course and made $880 USD.

Lessons From the Trenches: Launch Edition

In August, I formally launched a digital marketing agency with a close friends.

Networking to the Next Level: How I’m Going to BlogWorld.

In June, 2010, I started working as a networking assistant for a launch coach. He ended up covering my expenses to attend Blogworld with him. I wrote about my experiences at Jade’s Jetlagged Recap of Blogworld

How I Kicked Arse in 2010

2010 was a fantastic year, with a lot of new experiments and successes. This post provided an overview.