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I write comprehensive essays about my experiences managing my anxiety. I don’t hold back: I examine my own failings and share how I would change things now.

Living With Anxiety

Mental Health

I’m been suffering from generalized anxiety disorder for my whole adult life, since the age of 14. I definitely had signs of anxiety before that, but it didn’t get scary until my mid teens. I didn’t get properly diagnosed and medicated until I was 20.

These essays give an unfiltered view into the thought processes of someone suffering from severe generalized anxiety disorder. I’m trying to provide insight into how the anxiety physiologically impacts on me and the techniques I use to work through specific issues.

Sometimes the tone comes across as entitled or whingy and I am aware of that. When I am triggered though I have to become extremely selfish to get through the episode.

My experience with Generalized Anxiety Disorder

This was one of the first essays I wrote about my experience with anxiety. I talk about how I developed anxiety, what having a ‘nervous breakdown’ was like and the secondary symptoms.

What it’s like having a mental illness: 7 years later

I wrote this essay after my condition had stabilized and I realized that I may never ‘recover’ from anxiety. I knew I’d had to completely change my plans and expectations for my life. It was a bit of a mindfuck however accepting my new reality gave me peace.

What Is My Anxiety Like Now? August 2016 Edition

This essay is a bit boring but the timing is fascinating. This was two months before I realized my medication had stopped working and had changed to Pristiq. Here, I talk about how I was able to cope because of the extreme control I had over all facets of my life.

What Is My Anxiety Like Now? Reflecting on 2017

Changing medication = putting your life on hold. It was a tedious year.

Being Gifted

I realized I was gifted at 29, so have been doing research about how that has impacted on my mental health issues.



Anxiety + Medication

The topic of treating anxiety with medication can be incredibly polarizing, and is an issue that can be a struggle for many people. In this essay, I explore why medication is a necessity for some people and try to reassure others that it isn’t a sign of weakness.

I’m switching my medication

This was written immediately after I’d gotten a prescription for new anxiety medication in 2016.

Schema Therapy

The theory of schema therapy has been incredibly useful at helping me correct maladaptive thought patterns. It is brilliant for CBD.

The Basics

My Schemas And Their Impact

Living With Anxiety


Something to think about

Others should bear responsibility in the role they play in triggering another persons mental health issues.

On Celebrity Suicide

Celebrity suicides or even attempts can be a huge trigger. If they can’t manage their illness despite having  a lot more resources, what hope do normal people have?


Do I identify too strongly as being anxious?

Many people base their identity on their illness, especially if they are very public about it. It caused me to question my motivations with publicly writing about anxiety.

Relapse and Recovery

In late 2016, I realized that my anxiety medication wasn’t working. I documented the fears and concerns I experienced as I trialled a new kind while trying to keep on top of day to day life. In later essays, I explore what it is like getting your life back.



Fears About Returning To Study

Reducing My Study Load At University

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How to help a suicidal person

Many social media campaigns supporting mental illness miss the mark and can actually be triggering.

Selective Eating Disorder

In addition to anxiety, I have selective eater disorder. It also has its own social complications!

Fuck Bedtime

Nighttime is one of the worst times for me, especially when I’m alone. It’s the time when you run out of distractions and energy, and your mind is free to attack itself. I don’t experience it now, but this is what it used to be like.